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Trump Impeachment Could Be Wiped Off the Records – Rep. Mullin Just Introduced An “Expunge” Resolution

Even though former President Donald Trump was never removed from office, the House technically voted to impeach him twice. Democrats continue to highlight this as…

March 29, 2022
After Trump Gets A Major Victory In Court – New York Prosecutor Claims Donald Was “Guilty Of Numerous Felonies”

What’s Happening: Americans might be asking themselves why Democrats have failed so badly over the last few years. They had control of the White House,…

March 24, 2022
Trump Scores Major Victory In 9th Circuit Court – Donald Slams The Door On The Stormy Daniels Appeal

What’s Happening: The Democrats have not once let up on their campaign to destroy Donald Trump. Even after he left office, they pushed numerous campaigns…

March 22, 2022
Trump Just Put Biden In His Place – Donald Accuses Joe Of Refusing To Tap the “Liquid Gold Under Our Feet”

Gas prices continue to jump all over the nation, and Republicans and Democrats alike are demanding action. Most GOP members are saying we need to…

March 10, 2022
Donald Trump Weighs In On Biden’s SOTU – Donald Predicts Joe’s Leadership Will Lead To Up To $200 Oil

What’s Happening: The critics are weighing in on Joe Biden’s SOTU address. And they are not being kind. Even liberal outlets are hammering Joe for…

March 2, 2022
GOP Poll Lines Up Top 2024 Contenders – DeSantis Popularity Rises, But The Leader By A Long Shot is Trump

2022 is already in full swing and now, the 2024 presidential election doesn’t seem that far away. The candidates haven’t been confirmed, but polls indicate…

February 28, 2022
Supreme Court Takes On Historic Trump Case – They Hear Arguments On His ‘Public Charge’ Immigration Rule

What’s Happening: We all know about how Joe Biden went out of his way to open our border. His overall approach to immigration and protecting…

February 25, 2022
Russia Invasion Knocks Over China Domino – Trump Claims They Are Emboldened, Could Invade Taiwan Soon

What’s Happening: The world is reeling from Russia’s shocking and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Putin has been mustering up forces along the border for months….

February 24, 2022
Trump Case Prosecutors Just Abandoned Ship – Now Donald’s Lawyer Says The Case Is Probably Over

What’s Happening: From the very start of New York’s case against Donald Trump, we knew the jig was up. The liberal investigators leading the charge…

February 24, 2022
‘Rogue Democrat’ Plans To Headline CPAC – Premiere Conservative Convention Will Host Speech By Tulsi Gabbard

What’s Happening: CPAC 2022 is coming up, and they’re looking to shake up conservatives with some fresh faces. Including some faces you would never expect….

February 21, 2022
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