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Hillary Clinton Goes After Trump During Funeral – During Eulogy for Madeleine Albright, She Warns About Stopping ‘Demagogues’

What’s Happening: It looked as if Hillary Clinton was making something of a comeback earlier in the year. But she subtly disappeared for a while—after…

April 28, 2022
Trump Accuses Video of New Interview As “Unlawfully” Edited – And Claims He Has the Evidence to Prove It

When former President Donald Trump takes the stage, there’s always a chance for fireworks. But when they don’t happen, reporters and others members of the…

April 21, 2022
‘Kingmaker’ Trump Reports Historic Fundraising Haul – His PACs Raked in Over $19M in Q1, Now Have $124M On Hand

Former President Donald Trump has remained a force since leaving the White House, and he has frequently teased a second run in Washington. And many…

April 20, 2022
Trump Admits Major Change to His 2nd Presidency – Donald Would Stop Going After the Media, Ignore Them

What’s Happening: Millions of Americans are hoping Donald Trump will run for president again. Democrats seem terrified this would happen, given how much they still…

April 14, 2022
Trump Just Made an Unexpected Appearance – Donald Says ‘Let’s Make America Rock Again’ on Video at Kid Rock Concert

What’s Happening: Democrats think they have Donald Trump all bottled up. Yet he keeps stubbornly coming out. They banned him from social media. So, he…

April 11, 2022
Trump-Impeaching GOP Congressman Declares His Fate – This Term in Washington Is Going To Be Fred Upton’s Last

What’s Happening: For months, we’ve read about the major shakeup that is coming to Congress, post-2022 midterms. Many long-serving Democrats are retiring as if they…

April 7, 2022
After Trump Sues Hillary and the DNC – He Goes After Clinton Judge Assigned to the Case, Motions To Disqualify Him

What’s Happening: Trump made waves recently when he announced he was suing Hillary Clinton and the DNC. The grounds? News had come out that revealed…

April 5, 2022
Biden Just Got His Latest Approval Ratings – Compared To Trump, The President Is Now Down By Nine

What’s Happening: We don’t have to tell you that Joe Biden is becoming increasingly unpopular with Americans. Ever since the fall of Afghanistan last year,…

April 4, 2022
Days After Media Reports Trump ‘Mystery Gap’ – CNN Admits The Seven-Hour Gap Was Not Due To Missing Logs

What’s Happening: You gotta hand it to the media. They never miss an opportunity to humiliate themselves. Liberal outlets have been covering Pelosi’s  “J6” commission….

April 1, 2022
Trump Faces ‘Poll Showdown’ Versus Joe And Kamala – Results Show Donald Beats Harris More Than Biden In 2024

What’s Happening: It’s becoming more and more obvious that, if Trump runs in 2024, he will have a good chance of winning. This is largely…

March 30, 2022
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