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It’s Not Over Yet – The Durham Investigation Breaks The Ice, And In Just Weeks He Could Unload Criminal Charges

What’s Happening: Remember the Durham investigation? It’s been a very long time since we learned anything about this investigator’s probe into the deep state. It…

March 9, 2021
Trump Is Hitting The Campaign Trail In 2021 – Donald Is Going After A “Disloyal And Very Bad” Alaska Senator

Right now, it’s the big question for Republican politicians and citizens nationwide: will Donald Trump run for President again in 2024? In a recent internal…

March 8, 2021
After Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Is Released – Compared To Trump, 6 Weeks In Joe Is Still Trailing Donald

What’s Happening: Oh, poor Joe. If you believe the MSM’s version of reality, there’s never been a better president. Even though we’ve seen very little…

March 5, 2021
Supreme Court Just Did Biden’s Bidding Again – Joe Begs Them To Drop Sanctuary City Cases And They Give In

One of Joe Biden’s top priorities so far has been clear: roll back or completely erase many of his predecessor’s policies. This includes major changes…

March 5, 2021
After Nikki Haley Tries To Boot Trump From Party – She Turns Around And Gives His CPAC Speech Two Thumbs Up

What’s Happening: Nikki Haley was once a rising star of the Trump administration and GOP. Her fortunes turned dramatically, when she appeared to slam the…

March 2, 2021
After Trump Mentions Mitch McConnell At CPAC – The Crowd Gives Their Minority Leader Loud Boos

What’s Happening: After a month of silence, Trump returned at the annual CPAC event. Believe it or not, he was more Trump than ever before….

March 1, 2021
Jim Jordan Claims If Donald Trump Runs In 2024, The Former President Could Take Back The White House

What’s Happening: Last weekend’s CPAC featured numerous speeches by some notable stars of the Republican Party. Few will argue that Trump was the highlight of…

March 1, 2021
After Trump Shoots Down Third Party – Instead He Says For A 3rd Time He May Beat Democrats

What’s Happening: Millions of people watched Donald Trump’s speech at this year’s CPAC. Many were eager to hear what he had to say. Some folks…

March 1, 2021
After Nikki Haley Turns On Trump – The Presidential Hopeful Gets Left Out In The Cold At CPAC

What’s Happening: Once upon a time, Nikki Haley was an impressive member of Trump’s team. She was a powerful voice at the U.N.; many wondered…

February 26, 2021
After Trump Supporter Waves 2024 Flag At Trump Skating Rink – Security Guards Jump Him, Haul Him Off

What’s Happening: Is it safe to be an open Trump supporter, in this day and age? In some parts of the country, yes. But in…

February 23, 2021
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