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Trump Backed Candidate Sweeps Republican Primary – Mike Carey Takes In More Than Double The Votes Of Next Candidate

What’s Happening: Ever since leaving office, Donald Trump has been pretty busy. Don’t believe reports that the 45th president is gone for good. He has…

August 4, 2021
Ex-Trump Official Shares Private Meeting Intel – Mark Meadows Claims Donald “Is At The Head Of The Ticket”

What’s Happening: Since Trump left office, millions of Americans have been clamoring to know what’s next for the 45th president. In recent months, he has…

August 3, 2021
Trumps Latest Fundraising Numbers Send Democrats Into Panic – Donald’s Campaign War Chest Hits Over $100 Million This Year

What’s Happening: Democrats have tried their hardest, but they just can’t get rid of Trump. And now, he is about to roar back and bigger…

August 2, 2021
Donald Plays His Trump Card On Mitch McConnell – He Claims The Senate Leader Is Playing Into Democrat Hands

What’s Happening: Americans woke up to learn that eighteen Senate Republicans turned on the party to support the left. These Republicans, following Mitch McConnell, voted…

July 29, 2021
Trump Just Got The Washington Swamp’s Attention – After A Roaring Applause, Donald Goes After The Biden Family And The Woke

What’s Happening: As Democrats try to push their radical agenda on America, Trump is fighting back. Americans from all walks of life feel like they…

July 26, 2021
Biden DOJ Arrests Senior Trump Adviser – They Just Charged Barrack With Acting As Foreign Agent, Pleads Not Guilty

What’s Happening: How far will Biden and the Democrats go to hurt Trump? There seems to be no end to what they try. We all…

July 21, 2021
Trump’s Supreme Court Justices Could Be In Trouble – Their Own Party Turns On Them, Frustrated With Their Rulings

What’s Happening: Donald Trump battled hard to reshape our federal courts. And he made history by defying the odds and appointing three new justices to…

July 20, 2021
After Trump Is Accused Of Considering A ‘Coup’ Attempt – The Former President Snaps Back, “An Election Is My Form Of Coup”

Since early January, former President Donald Trump has defended himself against those who accused him of inciting the Washington D.C. riots. Many claimed Trump was…

July 16, 2021
After Donald Trump Gets Standing Ovation At UFC Visit – Mel Gibson Shows Up And Salutes The Former President

What’s Happening: It’s pretty obvious that while the liberal elite hate Donald Trump, real America still loves him. That is clear whenever he shows up….

July 12, 2021
2024 Landslide Evidence Grows In Major CPAC Straw Poll – Trump Responds, Says Americans “Are Going To Be Very Happy”

What’s Happening: It’s no secret that millions of Americans are not happy with Biden and his direction for the country. Already, people are talking about…

July 12, 2021
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