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President Trump Scores A Major Honor – Donald Given The First “Champion For Freedom” Award From NRSC

What’s Happening: Liberals tend to get their cages rattled whenever Trump is in the news. Sure, they love to read the fake stuff CNN cooked…

April 13, 2021
Mike Pence Launches New Trump Group – Its Primary Goal Is To Take A Stand For 45’s Legacy

What’s Happening: There has been plenty of speculation about Donald Trump and Mike Pence. People have wondered about their relationship, after the momentous events of…

April 7, 2021
Weeks After Biden’s Border Crisis Arrives – Donald Trump’s Wall Might Get A Quick Restart

What’s Happening: Ever since Biden canceled many of Trump’s orders on the border, many believe the situation has gotten out of control. America is blaming…

April 6, 2021
Donald Trump Just Took The Next Step – He’s “Moving Forward” With Launching His Own Social Media Platform

Former President Donald Trump won’t be silenced. That’s the message he’s sending to every reporter and social media platform, and he fully intends to remain…

April 1, 2021
Days After Biden Axes Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ – Joe Frantically Backpedals, Begs Mexico To “Take Back” Border Crossers

When President Donald Trump was in office, he tried to stem the tide of foreign travelers that flooded America’s southern border. This included his now-infamous…

March 26, 2021
Trump Responds To Biden’s Press Conference – Donald Calls It An Absolute Embarrassment, Disastrous, Full Of Softballs

What’s Happening: Americans—and the media—were wondering why Biden was hiding from the press, refusing to do a briefing. (His handlers even shouted down reporters once,…

March 26, 2021
After Meghan Markle Considers 2024 Run – Donald Trump Claims That Would Encourage Him To Run

What’s Happening: I’m sure you’ve heard about all the hyped-up drama from Meghan Markle, the woman who ruined an English prince’s life. After her much-discussed…

March 17, 2021
Trump Official Pulls Back Curtain On Biden – She Claims Joe Was Warned Not To Stop Surge Protection

The situation at our southern border remains a tenuous one, and even President Joe Biden acknowledged the growing issue by telling oncoming travelers to hold…

March 17, 2021
Trump Makes His U.S. Senate Pick In Georgia – Instead Of A Politician, Donald Wants Former NFL Legend Herschel Walker

During Donald Trump’s time in the White House, many entertainers and athletes constantly railed against him. And the media was always quick to cover those…

March 11, 2021
Donald Trump Fires Out Message To Americans – He Claims That Without Him, It Would Be 5 Years Until ‘Beautiful Shot’

What’s Happening: It looks like, despite ongoing gloom and doom from the media, many are starting to believe the crisis is coming to an end….

March 11, 2021
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