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Nancy And Maxine Cross The Line On Trump – Pelosi Claims She Is Going To “Pull Him Out” Of The White House

What’s Happening: Aw, the Democrats. They really think they have all the power, don’t they? Just because their media claims Biden won—they really think Trump…

December 23, 2020
President Trump Lands 4th International Victory This Year – Donald Just Brokered A Deal Between Israel And Morocco

What’s Happening: Democrats worried that when Trump took office, we’d be looking at endless wars and destruction. Be surprise! We’ve seen just the opposite. He’s…

December 11, 2020
Trump’s Top Lawyer Weighs In On Texas SCOTUS Case – Jay Sekulow Says It Is “The Case We’ve Been Waiting For”

What’s Happening: Texas is bringing a case against four swing states over their election results. And it has Americans talking. The case, which will be…

December 9, 2020
Texan Ted Cruz Steps Up To Supreme Court Plate – If Justices Take Up The PA Case, Lion Ted Is Planning To Present It

What’s Happening: The media was trying very hard to push their narrative that Biden won the investigation. We can see why. They were probably hoping…

December 8, 2020
Trump Unveils His Plan For Inauguration Day – Instead Of Showing Up, Donald Will Hold A Rally Of His Own

Inauguration Day is January 20, 2021. And if the election results hold, Joe Biden will be inducted as the new President of the United States….

December 8, 2020
President Trump Reportedly Snubbed Biden – Donald May Not Plan To Invite Joe To The White House

What’s Happening: As you might expect, President Trump and Joe Biden are not exactly getting along. Not that they ever did. Trump has allowed the…

December 4, 2020
President Trump Personally Files Swing State Lawsuit – Donald Is Going After Elections Commission In Wisconsin

What’s Happening: Donald Trump’s legal team has been battling the election results in many key states. They haven’t won every battle, but they continue to…

December 3, 2020
Trump Goes After Georgia Republican Governor – Donald Orders Kemp To Overturn Decision On Signature Matching

What’s Happening: Trump’s legal team continues to battle for a fair and honest election. But in several key states, power-hungry leaders are forcing their agenda….

November 30, 2020
Judge Hands President Trump A Swing State Victory – Donald Granted A Chance In Court To Overturn Results In Nevada

What’s Happening: President Trump is still fighting hard in key battleground states, but many Republicans are starting to lose hope that the current result can…

November 25, 2020
Mitch McConnell Goes Full Speed Ahead For Trump – Democrats Can’t Slow Him Down On Clearing Donald’s Judges

What’s Happening: The 2020 Election took many by surprise, but it won’t stop Mitch McConnell from doing his Constitutional duty. The Senate majority for 2021…

November 24, 2020
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