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Trump Just Got 2 Earth-Shaking Endorsements – Donald’s Climb Cemented from Leading Senators

What’s Happening: If Trump expects to return to Washington, he’s going to need more than just endorsements from Democrats. The radical left has launched a…

April 17, 2023
After Trump Grilled on Possible Conviction – Donald Turns the Tables on Biden, Says There’s “Something Wrong”

What’s Happening: Many people are speculating on what Democrats are trying to achieve with this Trump indictment. Are they trying to stop him from winning…

April 12, 2023
Mar-A-Lago Insider Report Rattles Washington – Fresh Evidence Claims Biden Administration Knew About FBI Raid

After the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the Biden administration claimed they had no involvement in the matter. However, Trump and…

April 11, 2023
Trump Legal Team Announces Their First Case Action – They Want to Immediately Get the Indictment Dismissed

What’s Happening: Millions of Americans were shocked when a Democrat DA indicted Donald Trump. Most Americans are eager to find out how this unprecedented event…

April 10, 2023
After Trump Campaign Gets ‘Blurred’ by MSM – They Get Hit with ‘Criminal’ Accusation

What’s Happening: You may not know this, but networks have to air campaign ads, regardless of the party. Even liberal-leaning outlets have to allow candidates…

April 7, 2023
DA’s Achilles Heel Exposed in Trump Indictment – Bragg Failed to Fully Explain Felony Charge

The indictment of former President Donald Trump has captured the nation’s attention. It’s the first time in America’s history that any current or former POTUS…

April 5, 2023
Days After Donald Trump’s Indictment Breaks – His Presidential Campaign Scores a Record Fundraising Haul

Former President Donald Trump is in the midst of a legal crisis, which may or may not have a negative impact on his 2024 campaign….

April 4, 2023
Key Leaders Rally Around Trump After Indictment – 4 Major Politicians Issue Withering Responses to Bragg

What’s Happening: As Trump predicted, the leftist New York DA has officially announced his indictment of the former president. The charges have been sealed, so…

March 31, 2023
After Trump’s Indictment Stuns America – Donald Delivers Historic Response to “Radical Left”

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, and the news world can talk of nothing else. Unsurprisingly, Trump was quick…

March 31, 2023
Trump Reveals Explosive Mar-a-Lago Evidence – Donald Claims He Has Tapes They Don’t Want Him to Show

The FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate hit the political news world like a ton of bricks last year. Trump critics immediately…

March 28, 2023
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