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Border Patrol Make Historic Southern Seizure – The Amount They Found Was Enough to “Kill 100 Million People”

What’s Happening: The liberal media may have forgotten about it, but it’s still one of the country’s biggest problems. Joe Biden’s open border policy has…

February 17, 2023
Texas AG Sues Biden for Violating the Constitution – He Accuses Joe of Illegally Passing His Pet Project

President Joe Biden’s administration has been accused of reckless spending in the past few years, and the money isn’t even going toward America’s biggest issues….

February 16, 2023
New FBI Search Sends Biden Scrambling – They Just Found More Evidence in Joe’s Own University of Delaware

What’s Happening: The liberal media has tried to sweep Biden’s document scandal under the rug. The left is really hoping they can nail Trump for…

February 16, 2023
White House’s KJP Makes Head-Shaking Claim – She Actually Claims President Biden Is the “Best Communicator”

What’s Happening: From the start of the Biden administration, we’ve known a few things. First, that he picked the worst people to run his press…

February 15, 2023
Biden’s Labor Closet Just Swung Wide Open – Days After Strong Jobs Report, It Turns Out It’s Fueled by Foreign Workers

What’s Happening: Anyone whose gone to the grocery store recently knows that the economy is in bad shape. Inflation and high gas prices continue to…

February 9, 2023
After ‘The View’ Slams GOP’s “Despicable” SOTU Behavior – They Immediately Shoot Themselves in the Foot

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address is in the books and as expected, the country appears to be split regarding his performance. A…

February 9, 2023
Days After Military Shoots Down Spy Balloon – Americans Tell President Biden His Handling “Made America Look Weak”

What’s Happening: Americans are outraged that communist China blatantly flew a spy balloon over the United States. The balloon reportedly flew over nuclear facilities and…

February 8, 2023
MTG Trolls Biden with a Special Prop – The GOP Firebrand Shows Up in D.C. Holding a White Balloon

Last night’s State of the Union address was controversial for several reasons, as critics lambasted President Joe Biden for painting a misleadingly rosy picture of…

February 8, 2023
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Knocks Biden Out of the Park – She Obliterates Biden’s SOTU with a Sharp Response

What’s Happening: As is the custom, the Republican Party issued a response to Joe Biden’s dismal State of the Union address. This gives the opposing…

February 8, 2023
President Biden Suffers Devastating D.C. Loss – After Losing His Chief of Staff, Now His Failure of an Economic Advisor Deese Is Gone

What’s Happening: Since almost from the start of the Biden administration, we’ve seen top officials jump ship. Honestly, there are plenty more we’d like to…

February 2, 2023
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