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‘Most Popular Politician’ Poll Released – And President Biden Is Not Even Close to Top Leader Donald Trump

What’s Happening: Over the weekend, Americans celebrated Independence Day. Despite the problems our nation is facing, Americans were able to come together to enjoy their…

July 5, 2022
“Shame On You, Mr. President” – Republicans React To Biden Directing Girls to Avoid Parental Consent

What’s Happening: Democrats are still reeling (and will be for a long time) over the death of Roe v. Wade. But they are not done…

June 29, 2022
Special Counsel Drops Gavel On Biden’s Energy Secretary – Granholm Used Office to Promote Her Party, Broke Law

What’s Happening: Not much good can be said about Joe Biden’s administration heads. They have dropped the ball on the supply chain, open border, inflation,…

June 29, 2022
President Biden Takes a Significant Loss – Joe Just Got Abandoned by His Texan ICE Director Nominee

What’s Happening: Joe Biden has not had the best record appointing people to his cabinet. Even Democrats have blocked certain nominees, over their poor records….

June 28, 2022
Days After Supreme Court’s Historic Ruling – Poll Claims that More Voters Stand with the Court than against

What’s Happening: When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week, Democrats melted down. Abortion extremists rioted in blue cities and made wild threats…

June 28, 2022
Biden’s Homeland Security Gives Churches Warning – They Need to Prepare for the Left’s Imminent ‘Night of Rage’

What’s Happening: Leftists have been melting down for months, fearing what has happened today. With the news that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe, abortion…

June 24, 2022
Biden’s Hair-Raising Relief Spending Spills Out – Joe’s EPA Spent Millions On ‘Accepting Trees’ and ‘Pruning Workshops’

What’s Happening: Biden got Congress to give him billions to “battle” the pandemic. Even now, he is demanding more tax dollars to address this and…

June 23, 2022
15 Republican AGs Move to Block Biden – They Demand Senate Leaders Stop Joe’s Anti-Gun Nominee

With violence escalating across the country, Democrats and Republicans are once again battling over one issue: the Second Amendment. The left believes more gun control…

June 22, 2022
Supreme Court Rules Against Biden 9-0 – They Unanimously Rebuke Joe’s HHS For Breaking Rules

What’s Happening: Despite the growing rift between red and blue, the Supreme Court continues to show unity. The justices, both liberal and conservative, frequently come…

June 22, 2022
Biden’s America Shaken Up by Another Major Shortage – This Time Three Cities Are Losing Service Over Pilot Shortfall

What’s Happening: Joe Biden claimed he would “build back better.” Instead, his presidency has been marked by major losses. Inflation is robbing Americans of paychecks….

June 21, 2022
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