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Biden DOJ Sued For “Unconstitutional” 2nd Amendment Rule – Arizona Fights to Stop Ban of Homemade Guns

America’s Constitution should be a shining beacon for liberty and equality. But ask the average Democrat today and you might be surprised what they think…

July 28, 2022
After Biden Issues K-12 Gender Rule for Funding Meals – 22 States Plan to Take This “Shameless Ploy” To Court

Millions of American parents have been concerned about the state of public education in the country. They claim increasing authoritarianism in school systems, and unprecedented…

July 27, 2022
Congress Democrats Just Made their Amnesty Move – As Inflation Pounds Average Americans, They Want to Give Amnesty to 7M

What’s Happening: Biden’s far-left policies continue to slam Americans. His inflation has resulted in a pay cut for most working Americans—as the costs of nearly…

July 22, 2022
Hillary Makes Her Move After Biden Comes Down Sick – Her Tweet Indicates Another Run, and Former Clinton Adviser Agrees

What’s Happening: Not that long ago, Hillary Clinton emerged from relative obscurity to return to the spotlight. She made numerous appearances at events, on TV,…

July 22, 2022
Biden’s Hypocrisy Caught On Display – Joe Arrives To Climate Speech In A Gas Guzzling SUV Motorcade

What’s Happening: Joe Biden and his cabal of Democrats are pushing radical changes to the way we live… all in the name of saving the…

July 21, 2022
Report: Biden’s Border Patrol Keeping Stats Under Wraps – CBP Won’t Provide “Missing Data” For The Last 3 Years

Although inflation continues to get the most headlines, President Joe Biden’s longest-running issue is undoubtedly the border. The crisis kicked off only a few months…

July 21, 2022
President Biden Gets ‘Trolled’ on Google Maps – The Place Joe Fell Off His Bike Is Unofficially Named “Brandon Falls”

What’s Happening: Biden’s approval numbers are very low. But that only gives you a picture of just how much Americans detest this “president.” Some have…

July 19, 2022
Biden Shatters Last Year’s Terrible Record – At the Border, America Broke Crossing Record with 3 Months to Go

What’s Happening: Joe Biden seems to have a knack for ignoring our biggest crises. We all know he talks big about inflation and gas prices….

July 18, 2022
Federal Judge Stands Up Against Biden – Blocks Government From Enforcing Athlete Policy Temporarily

There’s one big topic that dominates the athletic world: the issue of gender. Up until a few years ago, the separation of male and female…

July 18, 2022
13 Months After Biden Claimed ‘Transitory’ Inflation – Americans Continue to See their Pocketbooks Drained

What’s Happening: Sometime in early summer 2021, Americans witnessed an unsettling rise in costs. Gas prices started to climb, as did the cost of food,…

July 15, 2022
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