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Instead Of Making America Great Again – Joe Biden Is Planning To “Make America California Again,” According To LA Times

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan – “Make America Great Again” – helped propel him into the White House in 2016. And since then, “MAGA” has become…

January 18, 2021
After New Caravan Orders Biden To Honor His Promise To Them – Joe Tells Thousands They Need To Just Wait For A Bit

What’s Happening: Should we be surprised that as soon as Joe Biden was certified by Congress—a migrant caravan was formed? Biden promised to undo all…

January 18, 2021
Biden Admits He’s Going After The Constitution – He Just Unveiled A Plan To Tackle Second Amendment And “Defeat” The NRA

Ever since the results of the 2020 presidential election, right-wing individuals have been worried about Joe Biden’s plans. Specifically, they’re concerned about a Democrat-run government….

January 12, 2021
Hours Before Georgia Vote To Determine Senate Control – Joe Biden Promises Large Stimulus Checks If Democrats Pull Off Win

The Senate runoff races in Georgia will help determine the political landscape for the next four years. If Democrats can sweep both elections, they will…

January 5, 2021
Joe Biden Slips Up On Live TV Over Kamala Harris – He Just Called His Vice-President Elect The ‘President-Elect’

What’s Happening: Who will really be in charge if Joe Biden gets into the White House? You might say Joe, of course. But that’s not…

December 30, 2020
President Trump Just Shut Out Joe Biden – Unlike Obama, Donald Doesn’t Plan To Pass On His Large Twitter Following

What’s Happening: President Trump has cooperated with Biden’s “transition” team, only as much as is necessary. It’s clear the president refuses to concede and plans…

December 23, 2020
Joe Biden Slips Up Twice On National TV – He Messes Up Mayor Pete’s Husband’s Name And Ignores First Gay Cabinet Member

What’s Happening: Joe Biden continues his unbroken streak of not making any sense. The man with “no” mental problems continues to prove his mind is…

December 17, 2020
Hours After Biden Tries To Appoint Mayor Pete To Cabinet – Joe Runs Into A Major Roadblock Put Up By BLM

What’s Happening: Joe Biden won the Democrats’ nomination because he promised to be a moderate. Yet since the primaries, all he’s done is cater to…

December 16, 2020
Joe Biden Just Got Turned Down – He Tried To Offer A Cabinet Position To The High-Profile Mayor Of Atlanta

What’s Happening: Joe Biden is doling out powerful positions to people who helped him get elected, but not everyone is saying yes. Unfortunately, America is…

December 14, 2020
After TIME Chooses Biden AND Harris As ‘Person Of The Year’ – They Get A Mountain Of Criticism For Their Picks

What’s Happening: If you can believe it, magazines are still a thing. And TIME Magazine (which was once an influential source of news) still picks…

December 11, 2020
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