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Biden Insults Citizens Claiming They’re “Better Off” After Trump – Joe Says “Their Memory Is Not Very Good”

Perhaps one of the most encouraging statistics for Donald Trump’s campaign arrived just recently: According to a two-week Gallup poll, 56 percent of Americans said…

October 13, 2020
Amy Coney Barrett Turns the Tables On Feinstein – Tells California Democrat She Refuses To Rule Like A “Royal Queen”

What’s Happening: Democrats are doing their best to get SCOTUS nominee ACB to say something they don’t like. Dianne Feinstein has tried to get Barrett…

October 13, 2020
After Pelosi Rejects Trump’s Latest Relief Deal – Nancy’s Own Party Orders Her To Take The Deal

What’s Happening: For months, Democrats have refused to negotiate with Republicans on a new relief package. President Trump ended the agonizing debate. But he soon…

October 13, 2020
After Biden’s Controversial Court-Packing Remark – Kayleigh Turns The Tables On Joe: “A Really Elitist Remark”

The “court-packing” argument has picked up steam in recent weeks. Democrats accuse President Trump of “court-packing” with Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination, for example….

October 12, 2020
After Pelosi Pushes 25th Amendment Bill To Remove President, Senator Loeffler Counters With Her Own Resolution

What’s Happening: Much has been said about Nancy Pelosi’s “25th Amendment Committee.” We know that it takes legislation for Congress to remove a president using…

October 12, 2020
Mike Pompeo Pulls The Rug Out From Hillary – He Recovered Her Emails, And He’s Planning To Release Them Before Election

What’s Happening: Many Americans have not forgotten Hillary Clinton and her thousands of deleted emails. There is a possibility that these emails prove that Obama’s…

October 12, 2020
Texas Democrat Candidate Mohamed Arrested, Charged With Over 100 Counts Of Felony Voter Fraud

What’s Happening: Democrats have said for a long time that voter fraud is a myth. (Funny enough, that’s not what they were saying back when…

October 9, 2020
California Gets Swarmed By Trump’s ICE – Just Weeks Before The 2020 Election, They Arrest 128

What’s Happening: President Trump made a promise recently to defend our borders and bring violent criminals to justice. In recent months, the DOJ has conducted…

October 9, 2020
Pelosi Just Changed Her Tune On Saving Airline Jobs – Declares That “There Is Not Going To Be A Standalone Bill”

Politicians have been trying to push through another relief bill for months, but Republicans and Democrats remain deadlocked. Thus far, all efforts to dissolve the…

October 9, 2020
Postal Worker Caught Dumping Absentee Ballots – He Gets Arrested And Faces Up To 5 Years And $250K Fine

As the presidential election draws closer, the topic of mail-in voting gets hotter. Some believe it’s a reliable way to tally votes, while others think…

October 8, 2020
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