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California Senator Gets A Taste Of Blue State Life – Former Senator Boxer Gets Mugged In Oakland

What’s Happening: If you live outside a blue state, you don’t really understand how lucky you are. Things are getting pretty bad along the West…

July 27, 2021
Democrats Quietly Slip Holy Grail Into Congress Bill – They’re Trying To Sneak In Citizenship For 8 Million

What’s Happening: Democrats know they might not have a majority in Congress in 2022. So, they are doing everything they can to force through Joe’s…

July 27, 2021
Kevin McCarthy Throws GOP Turncoats Overboard – He Labels Deserters Cheney And Kinzinger ‘Pelosi Republicans’

What’s Happening: In the post-Trump era of D.C., we have seen several Republicans turn on their own party. Some of them voted against Trump in…

July 27, 2021
9th Circuit Court Drops Constitution On California Governor – They Rule Newsom Crossed The Line Closing Private Schools

What’s Happening: In recent months, we’ve seen the far-left state of California lose numerous court battles. Well, add this one to the list! With Democrats…

July 27, 2021
Texas Democrat Leader Issued Arrest Warrant – GOP Speaker Orders Police To Take Rep. Cortez Into Custody

Recently, Texas Democrats fled the state to avoid a quorum in the House, to stop the state GOP from passing a series of voting bills….

July 27, 2021
After Texas Democrats Request Junk Food Care Packages – Ted Cruz Turns The Tables On Them, Asks ‘No Miller Lite?’

What’s Happening: Remember those Texas Democrats who fled the state? Apparently, they are still in D.C.! You’d think by now they’d learn Texans are not…

July 26, 2021
Joe Biden Breaks Down 3 Times Over Weekend – The President Talks About Vampires, Moms And Incoherent Words

What’s Happening: Not that long ago, we watched as Joe Biden struggled during a town hall. But it didn’t take long for Biden to top…

July 26, 2021
Trump Just Got The Washington Swamp’s Attention – After A Roaring Applause, Donald Goes After The Biden Family And The Woke

What’s Happening: As Democrats try to push their radical agenda on America, Trump is fighting back. Americans from all walks of life feel like they…

July 26, 2021
Federal Court Reverses Course In Florida Case – They Just Went Against President Biden, Rules For DeSantis

What’s Happening: In this day and age, we must rely on the courts to uphold our freedoms. Because Washington sure as shoot won’t do it!…

July 26, 2021
Gov. Abbott Just Signed The “Trigger Bill” – Texas Just Put Supreme Court In A Difficult Position

In 2021, there are several hot topics of debate. This includes election integrity, the southern border situation, the Second Amendment, and the ongoing “woke” agenda….

July 23, 2021
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