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After Herschel Walker Smeared with ‘Flat-Out Lie’ – The GA Republican Fires Back, Says He’s Suing Liberal Paper

What’s Happening: Democrats are pulling out all the stops to win in November. They don’t seem to even care what they say if it gives…

October 4, 2022
After President Biden Posts Tone-Deaf Photo – Joe Gets Wrecked by America’s Immediate Reply

What’s Happening: How out-of-touch is the Biden administration? THIS out of touch. Nothing Biden’s done has helped Americans. Polls reveal a shocking majority believe we…

October 4, 2022
GOP Investigation Sends Biden White House into Quiet Panic – Probes into Joe’s Family Could Ruin His 2024 Chances

President Joe Biden currently intends to run again in 2024, though he reportedly had walked that back saying it wasn’t 100% certain yet. Others worry…

October 4, 2022
Just Weeks Before Midterm Elections – Democrat Candidates Collapse In 2 Key Battleground States: WI and PA

The midterm elections are coming up fast in November and despite a recent surge by Democrats, it now appears as if several polls are swinging…

October 3, 2022
Texas Warns of New Border Jumping Maneuver – Smugglers Are Actually Taking ‘To the Sky’

What’s Happening: Thanks to Joe Biden, human smuggling over the border is big business. Over 5 million have entered the country since Biden took over….

October 3, 2022
Clinton Insider Reveals Concerning Prediction – After Bill Undermines Biden, Hillary’s Prospects Rise for 2024

What’s Happening: Despite hard work from the liberal media to dust off his image, Biden continues to sink in approval polls. Worse still, he continues…

October 3, 2022
Trump Just Beat President Biden Again – While Donald Races Across the Country, Joe’s Midterm Schedule Is Wide Open

What’s Happening: The success of the Democrats this midterm season rests on the strength of their leader. How well Joe Biden can support his party’s…

September 30, 2022
Fauci’s Big Money Boost Slips Out – During the Last 2 Years, Tony’s Household Income Actually Doubled

Despite emerging from the long-running pandemic, the country is on the brink of a recession according to recent market numbers. Many are struggling just to…

September 30, 2022
Federal Judge Puts an End to Trump’s Special Master Showdown – Cannon Just Ruled for the Former President

What’s Happening: The FBI’s crusade against Trump continues. The 45th president scored a win by getting a special master to review the documents “taken” from…

September 30, 2022
After FBI Arrests Pro-Life Activist in Front of Family – 12 Republican Leaders Stand Up to AG Garland with Major Demand

If you’ve ever wondered if conservatives are being targeted by the government, you need to read this story. A pro-life activist, Mark Houck, was involved…

September 29, 2022
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