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Joe And Hunter Biden Could Be In Serious Trouble – The President May Become FBI Target After Evidence They Shared Bank Accounts

What’s Happening: Over the years, we’ve learned more and more about Joe’s son Hunter Biden. None of it has been good. Evidence has tumbled out…

October 13, 2021
Florida County Fined For Defying DeSantis – They Tried To Enforce Mandate, So The Governor Is Charging Them $3.5M

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks, he expects people to listen. And when he delivers an order to the state, he expects everyone to follow…

October 13, 2021
Biden’s Team Says ‘The Quiet Part Out Loud’ – Psaki Admits Joe Wants To Use Crisis Make Fundamental Change To Economy

What’s Happening: When Trump was president, despite a global crisis, America was recovering. He even said our “V-shaped” economy was more like a rocket ship….

October 13, 2021
Texas Federal Judge Stops Biden In His Tracks – He Issues Restraining Order On Mandate At United Airlines

What’s Happening: Joe Biden outraged millions of Americans when he announced his ill-fated mandate. Americans were forced to choose between blindly obeying the government or…

October 13, 2021
Navy Engineer Caught In ‘Peanut Butter Sandwich’ Scheme – He Could Get A Life Sentence For Selling Nuclear Secrets

What’s Happening: If we want an effective and powerful military, we need the best and the brightest. But it seems our Armed Forces have become…

October 12, 2021
After NBA Coach Compares Columbus To Hitler – Common-Sense Americans Stand Up To Popovich

What’s Happening: Do you know what Americans want NBA coaches to do? Coach the NBA. Yet some of these coaches can’t even get that right….

October 12, 2021
Kamala Harris Space Video Backfired – VP Attempt To Rehab Her Image Falls Apart As She Auditioned Child Actors

What’s Happening: Why is Kamala Harris the vice president? A good VP is by the president’s side, fulfilling his vision and agenda. But Harris was…

October 12, 2021
Texas Governor Undermines President Biden – Abbott Just Signed An Executive Order Banning Mandates

What’s Happening: Ever since Joe Biden started driving our country into the ground, state leaders have fought back. In Texas, Republican lawmakers and the governor…

October 12, 2021
Election Workers Fired In Swing State – Accused Of “Shredding Voter Applications,” Investigation Demanded In Georgia

Election integrity is the #1 issue in the eyes of millions of American citizens. It became even more of an issue after the 2020 election….

October 12, 2021
Democrat ‘Civil War’ Spins Out Of Control – Their Infighting Could Lead To Historic Midterm Election Blowout

What’s Happening: For quite a while, we’ve seen a war brewing within the Democratic Party. They’ve worked to keep it hidden, but it often spills…

October 11, 2021
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