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Supreme Court Rocked by New “Code” – And It Could Hit Clarence Thomas Extra Hard

What’s Happening: It’s no secret that Democrats are looking for new ways to undermine the Supreme Court. Democrats have long tried to “pack” the court,…

March 14, 2023
Supreme Court Justice Makes Christmas Gesture – Clarence Thomas Spotted Paying Tribute in Arlington Cemetery

Christmas is just days away, and millions of citizens are planning to put politics in the background. 2022 has been a difficult year for many,…

December 19, 2022
Democrat Supreme Court Justice Statue Deleted – Liberals in Congress Just Decided to Boot Their Own, Chief Justice Taney

What’s Happening: Remember when liberal activists demanded that every last statue of American historical figures be torn down? Well, apparently that trend hasn’t gone away….

December 15, 2022
Supreme Court FACE Targeting Spills Out – Associate Attorney General Confesses They’re Going After Pro-Life Advocates

What’s Happening: In recent years, we’ve seen how top federal agencies have been politicized by the left. Groups that are supposed to defend all Americans–upholding…

December 14, 2022
After Whoopi Takes Cheap Shot at Clarence Thomas – She Proves the Supreme Court Justice Right on Diversity

What’s Happening: If you even want to see the extent of the left’s stupidity, you watch The View. While most intelligent Americans avoid this show…

November 4, 2022
Supreme Court Rules on Biden’s Big Giveaway – With No Explanation, Amy Coney Barrett Silently Rejects Challenge

What’s Happening: The Supreme Court has been on a roll, issuing rulings that restore liberty to the American people. How they’ve decided on major issues…

October 21, 2022
Supreme Court Scores Major Conservative Victory – Laws Are Being Struck Down Like Flies That Are Anti-2A

What’s Happening: The Supreme Court made history this year already when they struck down Roe v Wade. But they were far from finished putting American…

October 20, 2022
Supreme Court Rules on Church Murderer – Dylann Roof’s Death Sentence Appeal Is Officially Denied

What’s Happening: The Supreme Court has been handing down monumental rulings in recent months. With the start of its fall term, they have not let…

October 11, 2022
Kamala’s Brain Breaks Down Over Roe – Asked About Democrat Failure, Harris Admits ‘Settled Law’ is Unsettled

What’s Happening: With Joe Biden unlikely to make it to 2024, Democrats are fearing a Kamala candidacy. Chances are, the woman will run—common sense be…

July 11, 2022
After Biden Claimed He Can’t Stop Supreme Court – Joe Pressured into Executive Order by Democrats

What’s Happening: Democrats have been raging at Joe Biden for doing very little ever since Roe v. Wade was killed. Leftists seem to think that…

July 8, 2022
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