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After Democrats Go After The Supreme Court – Amy Coney Barrett Turns The Tables On Them

What’s Happening: Democrats had a total meltdown after the Supreme Court refused to block a Texas pro-life law. Since that time, they have renewed calls…

September 13, 2021
Border Patrol Cancels Joe Biden’s Order – They Execute Supreme Court Ruling, Send Border Hoppers Back

What’s Happening: Joe Biden ensured our border’s collapse when he eliminated Trump’s policies. But the Supreme Court ruled against Biden, reinstating one major border rule….

September 8, 2021
Days After Democrats Are Defeated By Texas – The Senate Overplays Its Hand, Rushes To Eliminate The Filibuster

What’s Happening: Democrats are panicking ever since the Supreme Court refused to block a major pro-life law in Texas. “Pro-choice” liberals in D.C. fear that…

September 6, 2021
New York Supreme Court Rules Against NYT – They Just Gave Greenlight For Depositions By O’Keefe

What’s Happening: You probably have heard the name James O’Keefe. The conservative journalist has given liberals headaches for years, with his undercover videos. Not that…

August 13, 2021
Supreme Court Ganged Up On By 300 Republicans – They Are Demanding Trump Court To Overturn Roe

What’s Happening: With Joe Biden and Democrats running amuck in D.C., it would be very easy for Republicans to just cower in fear. But it…

July 28, 2021
Texas Pressures Supreme Court By Passing Major Law – Governor Abbott Just Locked In Constitutional Right For Most Vulnerable

What’s Happening: In the fight to preserve our values and freedoms, it has fallen to states to take up the charge. With D.C. back in…

July 22, 2021
Trump’s Supreme Court Justices Could Be In Trouble – Their Own Party Turns On Them, Frustrated With Their Rulings

What’s Happening: Donald Trump battled hard to reshape our federal courts. And he made history by defying the odds and appointing three new justices to…

July 20, 2021
Iowa Supreme Court Rules Against Democrats – They Just Blocked Funds For Their Liberal Holy Grail, Planned Parenthood

What’s Happening: With Joe Biden stumbling around the White House, the progressive left seems to think it’s open season. But they are meeting some strong…

July 2, 2021
Supreme Court Turns The Tables On California – Unloads Constitutional Decision To Protect 1st Amendment, Donor Names

What’s Happening: Never let it be said that Democrats don’t try everything to undermine conservatives. In the leftist state of California, the government passed a…

July 1, 2021
Supreme Court Makes Major Border Ruling – In 6-3 Decision, They Rule Jumpers Have No Right To Bond

What’s Happening: If you’re not following recent Supreme Court rulings, you should be. With Joe Biden making a mess of D.C., it falls to the…

June 29, 2021
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