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Report Exposes “Mind-Blowing” Biden Statistic – Almost 1% of U.S. Population Equals Annual Border Apprehensions

What’s Happening: At this point, you have to be blatantly dishonest not to admit the border is out of control. Even liberal New York Mayor…

January 26, 2023
After Biden’s Press Sec Claims No One Is Waltzing Across Border – Fox Reporter Responds They Absolutely Are

What’s Happening: Defying all common sense, the United States continues to deny entry to unvaxed travelers. Even tennis star Novak Djokovic cannot compete in the…

August 30, 2022
Biden Shatters Last Year’s Terrible Record – At the Border, America Broke Crossing Record with 3 Months to Go

What’s Happening: Joe Biden seems to have a knack for ignoring our biggest crises. We all know he talks big about inflation and gas prices….

July 18, 2022
Biden’s Southern Border Wave Just Crashed – In Just a Single Week, Over 13,000 Pour Across America’s Border

What’s Happening: The liberal media have long stopped talking about the border. But, as you might expect, its only getting worse. Biden’s radical agenda has…

July 14, 2022
Four Handcuffed and Arrested over Texas Tractor-Trailer – They Are Being Charged in Trafficking Operation

What’s Happening: This week, America was horrified to learn about an 18-wheeler packed with over 100 migrants found in San Antonio, TX. At least 53…

June 30, 2022
Mike Pence Swoops in at the Border – The Former VP Claims that After Midterms, Help Will Come

What’s Happening: Despite the lack of media coverage, major problems persist on the border. But Republican leaders aren’t taking this sitting down. Former Vice President…

June 15, 2022
Joe Manchin Stands Up To Biden – The Senator Demands Title 42 Be Upheld At The Border

What’s Happening: Sen. Joe Manchin has been a fair-weathered ally to conservatives. And it’s getting hard to predict what he’ll do next. The Democrat hails…

March 31, 2022
Biden Launches New Border Security Rule – But It’s Only Going To Make The Southern Border Less Safe

What’s Happening: The media would love nothing more than for you to forget that silly border crisis. Over last year, 2 million migrants bombarded our…

March 29, 2022
After Biden’s Team Stays Silent On New Border Crossings – Court Filing Lays Out 2022’s Skyrocketing Influx

What’s Happening: When Biden first entered the White House, he immediately reversed Trump’s policies on the border. That quickly resulted in an exploding crisis, as…

February 17, 2022
After Texas Makes Arrests On The Southern Border – 50 Democrats Are Begging Biden’s DOJ To Put A Stop To It

What’s Happening: Long ago, Gov. Abbott sought help from the Biden administration. Hundreds of thousands of migrants were flooding the border. But old Joe and…

February 3, 2022
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