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Nancy Pelosi Just Lost 20 House Democrats – That’s 5 Times The Number Republicans Need To Regain Control

The Democrat Party faces one big problem: as poll results start shifting away from left-wing policies and the Biden administration, Democrats are in danger of…

December 17, 2021
President Biden’s Approval Takes A Major Dive – The Democrat Party Is Headed For A Wipeout In 2022

What’s Happening: The year is almost through and Joe Biden is going down as the worst president in modern history. Ever since the Summer, Biden’s…

December 16, 2021
Manchin Loses His Cool On Liberal Media – In Major Outburst, Joe Turns The Blame Back On Them

What’s Happening: Democrats have been trying with all their might to coerce Joe Manchin to obey them. But the moderate Democrat from West Virginia has…

December 16, 2021
President Biden’s Kentucky Visit Goes South – Joe Makes ‘Tone-Deaf Joke,’ And Trump Supporters Taunt Him

What’s Happening: If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that Kentucky was hit by a devastating tornado. Relief workers have descended on the state…

December 16, 2021
Texas Governor Moves To Complete Trump’s Dream – Abbott Is Going To Imminently Restart Construction On Border Wall

What’s Happening: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has petitioned the Biden administration for help with the border crisis. He says he has contacted both Joe and…

December 16, 2021
Melania Trump Just Stole The Spotlight – She Just Launched “Melania’s Vision” To Help America’s Children Via NFTs

Former First Lady Melania Trump has kept busy since departing the White House. She continues to fight for the causes she believes in, and frequently…

December 16, 2021
Biden Goes Against His Own Progressives – He Just Shut Down The Gravy Train For Student Loans, Ends Pause

What’s Happening: If there’s one thing progressive hate, it’s people paying what they owe. Socialists seem to think only the rich are obligated to pay…

December 15, 2021
Texas Detective Arrested On Border Charges – The Border Police Agent Is Accused Of Smuggling Migrants

What’s Happening: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is moving heaven and earth to protect the border. He’s doing it without the help of the Biden administration….

December 15, 2021
Democrat Senator Outs Biden At Communist Awards – Blumenthal Pitches Build Back Better Bill To Them

What’s Happening: Joe Biden ran as a moderate. That means his agenda would bring together both the right and the left. Yet, nothing that he…

December 15, 2021
Adam Schiff Could Be In Deep Trouble – His Own Committee Just Admitted They Doctored The Meadows-Jordan Text

What’s Happening: You probably remember Adam Schiff, right? Old “Pencil Neck” was one of the top Democrats trying to take down Trump during the left’s…

December 15, 2021
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