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Trump Demands Swift Justice on SCOTUS Leaker – Donald Says Solution to Finding Leaker Is Going to the Reporter

What’s Happening: It’s been over a month since someone within the Supreme Court leaked a confidential document to the press. John Roberts vowed to find…

June 23, 2022
Democrat Leader Brown Goes to Prison For 18 Federal Crimes – Then Dares to Run In Florida For Office

What’s Happening: They say you can’t keep a good man down. But apparently, you also can’t keep a convicted Democrat down. Corrine Brown was a…

June 22, 2022
15 Republican AGs Move to Block Biden – They Demand Senate Leaders Stop Joe’s Anti-Gun Nominee

With violence escalating across the country, Democrats and Republicans are once again battling over one issue: the Second Amendment. The left believes more gun control…

June 22, 2022
Supreme Court Rules Against Biden 9-0 – They Unanimously Rebuke Joe’s HHS For Breaking Rules

What’s Happening: Despite the growing rift between red and blue, the Supreme Court continues to show unity. The justices, both liberal and conservative, frequently come…

June 22, 2022
Biden’s America Shaken Up by Another Major Shortage – This Time Three Cities Are Losing Service Over Pilot Shortfall

What’s Happening: Joe Biden claimed he would “build back better.” Instead, his presidency has been marked by major losses. Inflation is robbing Americans of paychecks….

June 21, 2022
Biden Won’t Let New Crisis Go to Waste – Americans Concerned over Joe’s Plan to Use Inflation, Gas Prices for His Green Agenda

What’s Happening: As time marches on, Biden’s economic failures continue to hurt his party. Inflation continues to rise every month. And soaring gas prices show…

June 21, 2022
After Colbert Staffers Arrested in D.C. – Republican Jim Jordan Demands to See “All Reports and Witness Statements”

The surprising situation made headlines all around the country last week: Capitol Police detained several staffers from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and now…

June 21, 2022
After Biden Crashes off His Bicycle – Joe’s Latest Approval Ratings Go Right Along with Him

What’s Happening: Uh, boy. Just when you thought Biden couldn’t get any lower… For some reason, the people who make Biden’s decisions for him thought…

June 20, 2022
After Man Refuses to Answer “Are You Pregnant” Question, He’s Told He’s Not Allowed to Donate Blood

The “gender wars” just keep growing all around the world. While many still claim there are only two genders, others push the multiple gender theory…

June 20, 2022
Texas Woman Just Got Convicted In Voting Scandal – She Gets Nailed with 26 Counts

What’s Happening: If we want America’s democracy to survive, then we need to defend it. Democrats continue to claim there is no problem with how…

June 20, 2022
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