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Biden Tripped Up Again By The American People – Poll Claims Over Half Of Americans Stand Against Joe’s Mandate

What’s Happening: Many experts claimed that Biden’s latest mandate was just a ploy to distract from his failures. If that was the case, he is…

September 16, 2021
Biden Just Got A Concerning Report From Americans – More Than Half Of Americans Think Kamala Will Finish His Term

What’s Happening: Joe Biden has been failing in his promises to America. That’s hardly bombshell news. What is, though, are the numerous mainstream polls that…

September 16, 2021
President Biden’s Story Is Falling Apart – General Strongly Warned Joe The Afghanistan Intel Was Wrong, According To Report

What’s Happening: Despite Biden’s best efforts, Americans have not forgotten the fall of Afghanistan. And a new development is heating things up, once again. Before…

September 16, 2021
Democrat Leader Charged With More Felonies – Rep. Jones Tried To Escape Jail By Hiding A Handcuff Key In His Cell

Michigan Democrat Rep. Jewell Jones can’t seem to stop getting in trouble. He was already facing a felony charge for alleged drunken driving back in…

September 16, 2021
Biden’s Titanic Officially Sinks – Joe Hits American Iceberg, Approval Is Significantly Underwater In Mainstream Poll

What’s Happening: Early on in Biden’s administration, his approval started to shift. We wondered just how bad it would get, as he continued to fail…

September 15, 2021
Trump Gives Major Florida Endorsement – He Plans To Replace Democrat With Conservative Anna Paulina Luna

What’s Happening: Donald Trump promised to help Republicans win big in 2022. And he’s not disappointing. His SuperPAC “Save America,” is hosting rallies and building…

September 15, 2021
Dershowitz Unloads Accusation On Capitol Police – He Claims Trump Supporters Are Being Overcharged

What’s Happening: Democrats in D.C. are trying to make the events of January 6 carry long-term consequences. And they are starting first with those involved….

September 15, 2021
Trump Fires Accusation At General Milley – If Reporting Is Confirmed, He Claims Milley Committed Treason Against The President

What’s Happening: The country is reeling from a recent report that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, may have tried…

September 15, 2021
Republican Pulls Back The Curtain On Puppet Biden – Senator Risch Demands To Know “Who’s In Charge” In White House

Since the start of Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House, Republicans have claimed that he’s not 100% in charge. They’ve also said the new…

September 15, 2021
Biden’s Ancestral Closet Swings Wide Open – Genealogist Claims Joe’s Forefathers Were Slaveholders

What’s Happening: Joe Biden is barely hanging on by a thread. Most Americans are turning on him after one failure followed by another. With each…

September 14, 2021
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