President Trump Scores $1B And 2,000 Jobs For Western State
By Steve Edwards|February 2, 2018
President Trump Scores $1B And 2,000 Jobs For Western State

Much to the chagrin of the Left, President Donald Trump’s agenda is working.

There have been a ton of crystal clear signs that suggests the American economy is incredibly energized, and there are no signs that the train will be heading back to the station anytime soon.

Quite simply, companies want to do business in America again.

Breitbart shares yet another example of that.   

Nikola Motor Company, a hydrogen-electric truck company, announced Tuesday it will build a $1 billion truck manufacturing plant in Arizona.

The company revealed that construction of the 500-acre Phoenix-area facility would begin in 2019 and production would start in 2021, adding that the plant would create an estimated 2,000 jobs and more than $1 billion in investment in the area, Fox Business reported.

Nikola, which is currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, primarily makes hydrogen-electric vehicles and hydrogen fueling stations.

For years now, companies have been heading for the exits and seeking greener pastures in foreign lands.

Trump zeroed in on that problem while he was out on the campaign trail, and he boldly claimed that would be changing under his leadership.

A little more than a year into his administration, it’s quite clear that wasn’t hyperbole.

Trevor Milton, Nikola’s founder and CEO, said the company looked at nine states and 30 potential factory locations before deciding on the west side Phoenix location.

“Arizona has the workforce to support our growth and a governor that was an entrepreneur himself. They understood what 2,000 jobs would mean to their cities and state,” Milton told the Phoenix Business Journal. “We will begin transferring our R&D and headquarters to Arizona immediately and hope to have the transition completed by October 2018.”

During his time on the trail, Trump promised voters that they would get sick of winning under his watch.

We’re not quite there yet, but it’s certainly reassuring to begin to get accustomed to nothing but good news on the economic front.

We sincerely hope that our friends on the Left will put down the pitchforks and enjoy the good times that are rolling in as well, but we won’t hold our collective breath on that.


Source: Breitbart

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