Trump Fires Top Cabinet Member, Immediately Replaces Him
By Chet Randy|March 13, 2018
Trump Fires Top Cabinet Member, Immediately Replaces Him

Big things are happening in the Trump administration.

After decades of problems, the President will meet with North Korea. Something like this hasn’t happened… well ever.

In order for this major meeting to happen, much needs to be in place.

The President will have a clear agenda ready. That means his cabinet must be on the same page regarding North Korea.

So, it comes as no surprise that a few changes are being made.

That includes the removal of Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State. Trump just announced the CIA head, Mike Pompeo, will be taking his place.

From USA Today:

After months of disputes with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, President Trump removed him Tuesday and nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to head the State Department.

Trump told reporters he made the decision himself, citing disagreements with Tillerson that included North Korea diplomacy, steel and aluminum tariffs, and the Iran nuclear agreement…

As for Pompeo, Trump praised his new nominee’s “tremendous energy, tremendous intellect,” and added that “we’re always on the same wave length. The relationship has been very good and that’s what I need as Secretary of State.”

Trump said in a written statement that, at the State Department, Pompeo “will continue our program of restoring America’s standing in the world, strengthening our alliances, confronting our adversaries, and seeking the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

This announcement was sudden, but it comes as no surprise to many. Tillerson was praised by Trump when he appointed him. But he often butted heads with the President. Tillerson defended the Iran Nuclear Deal, a plan Trump has openly opposed.

Tillerson was opposed to Trump’s much-discussed steel tariffs. And we can’t forget that Secretary Tillerson was reluctant to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That was a major goal of Trump’s campaign.

Tillerson did serve the President well. But, as in all organizations, turnover is expected. Trump is a fast-moving leader. He has a lot to accomplish during his time in office. That means finding the right people for the right job. At the right moments. That often results in changes in staff.

It’s shocking to D.C., which is used to slow movement or no movement at all. Politicians and government employees stick around a job for a very long time. Often, they stick with a job for years, even decades, getting very little done.

Those days are over. Trump expects results and will do everything in his power to make that happen. That includes replacing staff when it’s time.

Be sure that the media will spin this news in all sorts of ways. But when have we ever believed them?

Source: USA Today

Chet Randy
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