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Supreme Court Finally Takes On Historic Case – After 6 Years, They’ll Listen To A Religious High School Coach

It took six years, but the highest court in the land has finally agreed to listen. Back in 2015, a high school football coach and…

January 19, 2022
Supreme Court Makes Historic 5-4 Ruling – And Justice Thomas Delivers To The Country A Stern Dissent

What’s Happening: The Supreme Court sent shockwaves across the county this week when it ruled on several of Biden’s infamous mandates. The court scored a…

January 14, 2022
Supreme Court Under Siege By Liberals – They Claim The Popular Court Could End American Democracy

What’s Happening: After a year like 2021, we shouldn’t be surprised to see how unpopular Joe Biden and his Congress have become. The endless crises…

January 3, 2022
Donald Trump Goes Straight To Supreme Court – The Former President Demands Block Of White House Records

What’s Happening: President Biden doesn’t have much to brag about in the present, and he’s failing to paint any picture of hope for the future….

December 27, 2021
Supreme Court Sends Biden A Demand – Kavanaugh Says President Has Just Days To Respond To Mandate Challenges

What’s Happening: Joe Biden has done many things to hurt the country. But perhaps the most shocking has been the alleged violation of our constitutional…

December 21, 2021
The Supreme Court Is Under Siege Again – Elizabeth Warren Ignores Expert Panel, Pushes For Court Packing

What’s Happening: When Donald Trump appointed his record-setting third Supreme Court justice, Democrats panicked. The court now enjoys a 6-3 conservative majority. To offset this…

December 17, 2021
After AOC Tries To Discredit Kavanaugh, Supreme Court – She Quickly Gets Blowback From Biden Accuser Reade

What’s Happening: If Democrats appear particularly nasty this week, don’t be surprised. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on a case that could overturn one…

December 2, 2021
Supreme Court Hears The Case Of A Generation – And Swing Vote Kavanaugh Signals It Could Be Overturned

What’s Happening: Many key decisions have already been decided by Trump’s Supreme Court. Thanks to a 6-3 conservative majority, the court has been crucial in…

December 1, 2021
Supreme Court Throws The Constitution At New York – They Just Forced The State To Reconsider Pro-Choice Employee Ruling

The Supreme Court has a very full fall season lined up, and the decisions are already starting to come down. Some of the most important…

November 2, 2021
Supreme Court Sends Waves Through Washington – They Just Took On A High-Profile Christian Case

What’s Happening: The Supreme Court is often the last line of defense for Americans fighting for their rights. We’ve seen, especially over the last two…

September 30, 2021
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