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Supreme Court Just Ruled On 2020 Vote – They Denied Voting Rights For Up To 1 Million Florida Felons

What’s Happening: With the November election just months away, Democrats are working overtime to find new ways to get more people to vote. They have…

July 17, 2020
Supreme Court Hands Nadler A Major Defeat – Blocks House Democrats From Mueller Grand Jury Docs Before Election

What’s Happening: It appears some House Democrats refuse to give up their hopes of impeaching the president. They have demanded that material from Robert Mueller’s…

July 3, 2020
Supreme Court Drops Major Ruling For Trump – Gives Him Victory At Southern Border Wall

What’s Happening: Over the Summer, the Supreme Court has taken up numerous cases, many of which affect the president’s agenda for the United States. Conservatives…

June 30, 2020
Supreme Court Makes Major 5-4 Decision – Bush Justice Turns On Trump, Roberts Strikes Down LA Law

The Supreme Court just made a major decision that will affect millions of Americans. John Roberts, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, has…

June 29, 2020
Supreme Court Rules 7-2 In Major Decision, Gives Trump The Green Light To Fast Track Deportation

Over the summer, the Supreme Court has been ruling on many long-awaited cases. To the shock of many conservatives, the court has handed several victories…

June 25, 2020
Supreme Court Rules Against Democrat Governor – They Just Put An End To His Lockdown Order In Wisconsin

What’s Happening: The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Democratic Governor Tony Evers overstepped his authority, and subsequently struck down his “safer at home order.” Republican…

May 14, 2020
Supreme Court Sets New Precedent – For The First Time Today, SCOTUS Is Broadcasting Its Proceedings Live To The Public

What’s Happening: Because of the pandemic, the Supreme Court is making a historic change to how they conduct hearings. For the first time in our…

May 4, 2020
In Major 5-4 Decision, Supreme Court Rules For Donald Trump In Deportation Case

What’s Happening: The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of the Trump administration by upholding a lower court opinion. It gives the government the power…

April 23, 2020
Supreme Court To Decide On Trump’s Future – They’re Looking At His Financial Records And Electoral College

What’s Happening: The Supreme Court just announced they will be holding a teleconference next month to hear oral arguments on a case involving President Trump…

April 13, 2020
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