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After Trump Signs Fracking Executive Order, Biden Rushes Out Anti-Fracking Activist To Pennsylvania – Lady Gaga

What’s Happening: Joe Biden possibly sealed his fate when he revealed his energy plans during the last debate. President Trump hasn’t wasted time making the…

November 2, 2020
Joe Biden Should Be Worried Days Before The Election – The FBI Investigation Into Hunter Is Still Active

Though most national polls show Joe Biden with a significant advantage, it’s feasible that President Donald Trump could close the gap before election day. One…

October 30, 2020
Hunter’s Partner Just Went On The Record – On Tucker’s Show, He Claims Joe Biden Is ‘The Big Guy’ And Is Compromised

What’s Happening: Tony Bobulinski is Hunter Biden’s former business partner, although if you only listen to the mainstream media, you would never have heard that….

October 28, 2020
Florida Voter Crashes CNN Interview On Biden – He Admits Because Of Joe’s Last Week, He Has Made It Difficult To Consider Him

What’s Happening: Joe Biden has had a pretty rough week. His final debate was a disaster. He even promised to end America’s oil industry—shocking even…

October 28, 2020
American Voters Have Spoken On Hunter Biden Reports – Over Half Believe That Joe Biden Was In On It

What’s Happening: Despite the left’s best efforts, we continue to learn more about Hunter Biden and Joe’s possible involvement in his China/Ukraine deals. Ever since…

October 27, 2020
After Biden Receives Big Goldman Sachs Donations – The Company Gets Caught In A $1.6B Bribery Scheme

Both presidential candidates receive donations from big corporations, of course. But Democratic nominee Joe Biden has often touted his smaller-dollar donations and his “everyday Joe”…

October 26, 2020
Wayne Allyn Root Predicts 2020 Landslide – He Calls It The “Michael Dukakis Election” For Trump

What’s Happening: The polls consistently claim a close election—or a clear Biden victory. But what’s happening in the real world seem to say otherwise. Have…

October 26, 2020
Trump Forces Biden To Admit Major Mistake In Office – In 8 Years, Joe and Barack Failed To Achieve Immigration Reform

What’s Happening: During the final debate, Trump positioned himself as the outsider—and it worked beautifully! He exposed Joe Biden as a D.C. insider, a man…

October 23, 2020
Days Before The Election, Biden Disrespects America – He’s Getting Heat For Saying “We’ve Never Lived Up To” The Idea Of America

What’s Happening: Joe Biden is known for his slip-ups, gaffes, and confused remarks. But it’s the stuff that makes sense that is the most troubling….

October 22, 2020
Hours After Biden Dodges Hunter Email Questions – He Calls A ‘Super-Lid’ For 5 Days Until Debate

What’s Happening: It’s becoming painfully clear that Joe Biden is just “running out the clock” until Election Day. Sure, he got out of his basement…

October 19, 2020
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