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Trump Unloads New Executive Order Protecting Constitutional Rights, 1st Amendment

What’s Happening: In light of recent opposition to church gatherings by Democrat governors, President Trump reportedly signed a new executive order to protect religious liberty….

June 3, 2020
After Democrat NC Gov Rejects Trump Request – Donald Costs Them Millions, Seeks New Convention Location

What’s Happening: President Trump and the GOP called on Democrat governor of North Carolina to provide assurances that the Republican National Convention could be held…

June 3, 2020
Barr Announces New Russia Probe – Investigating Possible Anti-Trump “Disinformation”

What’s Happening: U.S. Attorney General William Barr confirmed a probe into the infamous Christopher Steele dossier. Barr revealed that attorney John Durham is currently investigating…

June 2, 2020
Trump Readies Fresh Executive Order – It Could Include Social Media Investigation

What’s Happening: President Donald Trump plans to issue a new executive order, designed to “curb legal protections for the social media industry.” This comes hot…

May 28, 2020
Trump Speaks Up For George Floyd, Asks FBI, DOJ To Expedite Investigation

What’s Happening: President Donald Trump has charged the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI to expedite their investigation into the death of George Floyd. Floyd…

May 28, 2020
President Trump Launches ‘The View’ Competitor – His Campaign Lines Up All-Star Republicans: Lara Trump, Guilfoyle, Schlapp and Pierson

What’s Happening: The Trump campaign, in an effort to rival the mainstream media, has just launched a competitor to ABC’s The View. Calling it, “The…

May 22, 2020
Trump Gives Memorial Day Order – He Wants All Federal Flags Flown At Half-Staff For COVID Victims

What’s Happening: The COVID-19 pandemic has made its way through the United States. Many Americans have contracted the disease, while many (mostly older) Americans have…

May 22, 2020
After Trump Pressures Iran For 3 Years – It Looks Like Donald’s Strategy Is Paying Off As Tehran Backs Down

What’s Happening: President Trump made waves when he ended the Obama administration’s “Nuclear Deal” with Iran. The president rolled back numerous provisions outlined in the…

May 21, 2020
Trump Signs Recovery Executive Order – To Boost U.S. Jobs, The President Just Waived Unnecessary Regulations

What’s Happening: In an effort to jumpstart the economy after the pandemic, President Trump is signing an order to eliminate unnecessary regulations. The order will…

May 20, 2020
Trump Seals “Historic” $350 Million Deal – And Donald Just Distanced China From The U.S. In Pharmaceuticals

What’s Happening: In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, President Trump has discussed moving manufacturing back to the U.S. from China. He has previously inked…

May 19, 2020
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