Marco Rubio Introduces Bill To Permanently Stop America’s Nonsense Ritual
By Scarlett Parker|March 21, 2018
Marco Rubio Introduces Bill To Permanently Stop America’s Nonsense Ritual

The GOP has failed conservative Americans in many respects. They hemmed and hawed over killing Obamacare and thereby lost their chance to do so.

Now in the new spending bill, Republicans are planning to continue to allow funding not only of Obamacare but of Planned Parenthood too. If it passes Democrats will get exactly what they want. But what about us? When do conservative Americans get what we want?

Well, Sen. Marco Rubio has just introduced a new bill that won’t end Obamacare or the funding of Planned Parenthood, but it will end one of the most hated and unpopular practices in America. And, both liberals and conservatives can come to an agreement over it.

From the Washington Examiner:

Marco Rubio is bringing the sunshine. Last week, he introduced two bills in the U.S. Senate, one to make Daylight Savings Time permanent nationwide, and a second to approve the Florida legislature’s move to do the same within the Sunshine State’s borders.

Having just survived another round of groggy mornings after the switch to DST, I heartily support both bills. Because really, why do we keep putting ourselves through this?

Twice a year, Americans adjust our clocks, expecting our own body clocks to unquestioningly follow. For the lucky few who can fall asleep at any time, anywhere, the hour shift is no big deal. But for many of us, the only thing that really follows, especially when we “spring forward,” is disturbed sleep.

As a mother of a toddler, I couldn’t agree more with the Washington Examiner’s reasoning. It’s hard enough to get your own body to suddenly adjust to the new time twice a year, but a toddler’s? Good luck with that. Parents across the nation would applaud this change.

But, it’s not just parents and kids who would benefit, it’s everyone. It will cut down on confusion, no one will lose an hour of sleep every year, and no one will have to go through their house, car, and office changing their clocks twice a year.

It will simplify scheduling with those in different time-zones because everyone knows that having a Monday morning phone meeting with those in different time-zones the day after you spring-forward or fall-back is just not going happen. Someone is going to be too late, too early, or not make it all.

And lastly, but probably the best reason to get Rubio’s bill passed as soon as possible is that it’s a cause that will bring all Americans together. Everyone will support it whether they’re liberal or conservative.

It’s a win-win for America.

Source: Washington Examiner

Scarlett Parker
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