Donald Smells Something Fishy, Finds Republican Leader Aiding Deep State Dems
By Steve Edwards|February 12, 2018
Donald Smells Something Fishy, Finds Republican Leader Aiding Deep State Dems

For decades, there have been rumblings about a so-called ‘deep state’ that pulls the strings behind the scenes on our federal government.

While there has been ample evidence presented to support that theory, members of the establishment continually dismiss the claims as if they were something resembling paranoid delusions.

Unfortunately for the elitists of the world, it’s becoming even more challenging for them to cover their tracks. Many folks are well aware that there are far too many things that don’t smell right, including all of the nonsense anti-Trump rhetoric that pollutes the airwaves.  

Mediaite reports on a Republican who’s been helping Deep State Democrats with their dirty work:

As Fox News’ The Five discussed the Democratic rebuttal memo and Christopher Steele this afternoon, guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy questioned Marco Rubio‘s defense of a Democratic colleague.

Last night Fox News broke news of top Senate Intel Committee Democrat Mark Warner texting the lobbyist for a Russian oligarch in an attempt to contact Steele. Rubio subsequently tweeted, “Sen.Warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago. Has had zero impact on our work.”

So as the hosts talked today, Campos-Duffy said, “Marco Rubio in this is also very interesting. Marco Rubio, Senator Burr––why are they covering for Mark Warner? What’s going on? How deep is the deep state? Does it run through the Senate?”

Campos-Duffy’s observation was refuted by co-host Greg Gutfeld, but her point was made.

Why did Rubio immediately get so defensive over a random report from a reputable outlet?

After all, he doesn’t have all that much to say about the daily assault that the press unleashes on Trump.  

Campos-Duffy then suggested, “Maybe it’s not deep state, but maybe he’s really angry still about what happened on the campaign trail… Why would a Republican member of this committee think it’s okay for a Democrat to go and meet with Russians… without telling the committee? I think it’s really weird.”

It’s a good point from Campos-Duffy, and it’s also just the latest example of a ton of weird things that have come to light in regards to the nonsense Trump-Russia investigation.

Slowly but surely, it appears that the jig is just about up for those that have gone out of their way to poison the well.

Trump is inching closer and closer to being completely vindicated, and the deep state appears to be less than pleased about that.

Source: Mediaite

Steve Edwards
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