Donald’s Manufacturing Jobs Report Crushes Obama Where It Hurts The Worst
By Scarlett Parker|January 8, 2018
Donald’s Manufacturing Jobs Report Crushes Obama Where It Hurts The Worst

If you believed what liberals and establishment Republicans are saying about our President, you would think the world was ending. Anything bad that happens is because of Trump’s ‘lack of competence’ or his ‘racism.’

And, they even take things a step further and claim that everything good that’s happening now that Trump is in office has nothing to do with him.

All these positive results we are seeing in our country and around the world aren’t because of common sense policies from Trump, but because of something Obama did before he left office. Or it’s because of coincidence.

Well Obama’s ego just got crushed by some crystal-clear numbers just released that show the difference between a socialist President and a businessman running the country.

The Conservative Tribune lays it out nice and neat, just for liberals who are a little slow:

President Trump is making manufacturing great again, and he has 171,000 reasons to prove it.

That’s the number of manufacturing jobs the United States added in the first year of Donald Trump’s administration, compared to a loss of 16,000 in the last year of the Obama administration.

“Factories nationwide have added 171,000 jobs so far in 2017 — a rebound from the previous year when factories shed 16,000 jobs,” a December article from NPR, always known for it’s inveterate fairness to the Trump administration, read.

In fact, NPR was so fair about it that it gave the credit to … pretty much everything else aside from the Trump administration.

“Trump has promised to lead a renaissance in American manufacturing,” the article continued. “The sector has generally been adding jobs since 2010, although the strength of export-oriented factories is strongly tied to what’s happening in the global economy.”

Wow. So, basically when Obama was in office manufacturing was losing jobs. But, the year Trump became president everything began to turn around ‘big-league’ for the entire industry.

When Trump steps into office things start going great.  More than 171,000 manufacturing jobs great. And, even that’s not because of anything Trump has done. Oh no, it’s just because the global economy is doing better overall.

Liberals don’t want to admit that our country is doing better under Trump’s conservative and business-minded policies because that would be admitting that Obama’s policies were killing the U.S.  And, they will never admit that.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Scarlett Parker
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