Liberal Talking-Head Disrupts Press Conference. Trump Responds With Ruthless Command
By Steve Edwards|January 17, 2018
Liberal Talking-Head Disrupts Press Conference. Trump Responds With Ruthless Command

The press has the freedom to act as unprofessionally as it wants on the airwaves.

But when they step into Trump’s Oval Office, they’re about to learn an important lesson: Show the President some respect.

The liberal media is so used to disrespecting America’s leader in public, sometimes they forget they can’t say some things to Trump’s face without consequences.

One talking head just crossed the line in Trump’s office, trying to make some headlines and shame Trump, but the commander-in-chief showed him what happens when you disrespect the President, and by extension, the American people.

All it took was one word from the most powerful man in the world.


Fox News reports:

President Trump kicked CNN star Jim Acosta out of the Oval Office Tuesday after the network’s senior White House correspondent badgered him with racially charged questions.

Acosta has made a habit of grandstanding and interrupting when Trump and his surrogates are available to the media. Tuesday was no exception, as Acosta yelled, “Mr. President,” three times before finally getting Trump’s attention.

Acosta is tasked with covering the White House for the liberal news leader. It’s a tough gig that requires a certain amount of moxie.

That said, there’s a huge difference between giving all that you have to make sure your job is done to perfection and acting like a complete nuisance.

Acosta seems to believe that acting like a playground bully will ultimately lead him to the promised land.

Perhaps the latest rude awakening that he received from Trump will lead him to reassess his approach.   

“Did you say that you want more people to come in from Norway? Did you say that you wanted more people from Norway? Is that true Mr. President?” Acosta frantically shouted.

“I want them to come in from everywhere… everywhere. Thank you very much everybody,” Trump responded as Acosta continued to bark questions.

“Just Caucasian or white countries, sir? Or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world… people of color,” Acosta shouted.

Trump then pointed directly at Acosta and simply said, “Out!”

A Trump staffer in the background can be heard saying, “Jim, thank you,” before the CNN star presumably exited the room. Acosta then took to Twitter, accusing White House aides of obstructing him from asking questions.

Unsurprisingly, Acosta was quick to play the martyr card and complain that his search for truth, justice, and the American way was somehow being impeded.

Reality tells a vastly different tale. Acosta brings nothing of value to the table with his ‘reporting,’ which basically consists of him twisting actual information from the White House while inserting his own personal viewpoints.

That’s not reporting. There are enough opinion analysts and whatnot on the payroll at CNN to field several Division I football teams.

Perhaps Acosta can take a gander at the internal job board of the network that has clearly seen better days to find a position that better aligns with his passions.

In any event, we can only assume that Acosta’s schtick plays well within the liberal echo chamber. It’s unclear if that’s more frightening or concerning in the grand scheme of things.

Thankfully, we have a president that’s not afraid to call out the nonsense for what it is.

Acosta essentially wastes everyone’s time on a daily basis as he attempts to grandstand his way up the corporate ladder.

Few tears will be shed if Trump decides to have him permanently removed from the White House beat and requests that CNN put someone that at least gives half a damn about doing their job the right way in his spot.  

Source: Fox News

Steve Edwards
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