Illegal Alien Gets Arrested At Border. Instead Of Being Deported California Rewards Her
By Scarlett Parker|March 16, 2018
Illegal Alien Gets Arrested At Border. Instead Of Being Deported California Rewards Her

Lizbeth Mateo, an illegal immigrant, was brought to the U.S. when she was 14 years old. Instead of trying to fly under the radar, however, she took to the spotlight.

She joined a group of illegal immigrants who gained national recognition for breaking the laws of our country. She was even arrested at the border after she willingly left for Mexico and then tried to cross back into the U.S. for the second time.

Any sane government would know just what to do with someone who so blatantly broke federal. But, apparently, the entire state of California doesn’t qualify as sane because not only did they not punish her, but they rewarded her many times over.

From Breitbart:

…Mateo was one of the “Dream 9,” a group of illegal aliens brought into the country as children who staged a protest by leaving the U.S. and attempting to gain re-entry — also illegally…

The “Dream 9” — five women and four men — became a cause célèbre among amnesty activists. Thanks in part to the attention they generated, and the pressure their supporters put on the Obama administration, immigration officials let them return to the country…

Instead of being punished and deported, she has been rewarded with a legal education, membership in the California State Bar, a career as an attorney, and elevation to state office. Mateo is the first illegal alien appointed to statewide office in California.

As an American, this story just makes me sick to my stomach. How can the government of California give a statewide government job to an illegal alien?

Someone who shouldn’t even be here in the first place now holds a position of power and receives a salary that’s paid by American taxpayers. A salary that should go to someone who is working for the good of the American people, not for the good of those who are here illegally.

She claims she was an innocent child who was brought here through “no fault of her own” but how innocent was she when she chose to repeat her illegal crossing into America just to make a political statement?

Lizbeth Mateo should not have been given re-entry to the U.S. But instead, she was given way more than that. A higher education, a profitable career, and a position of power are things many Americans can’t even claim to have. And the Democrats who gave it to her don’t care.

It’s time to wake up, California.

Source: Breitbart

Scarlett Parker
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