John Kelly’s Homeland Security Storms Sanctuary Cities With Swift New Tactic
By Steve Edwards|January 31, 2018
John Kelly’s Homeland Security Storms Sanctuary Cities With Swift New Tactic

While the Trump administration is reining in immigration, Liberals are throwing up their own walls at every turn to protect illegals.

Democrats continue to stonewall efforts at every turn, and we’re not just talking about the endless pontificating about how everyone needs to be welcomed with a hug no matter where they’re from.

No, liberal leaders in certain jurisdictions go out of their way to thumb their noses at federal law. Sanctuary cities and states remain a very real problem, and it’s only getting worse.

Western Journal passes along additional details about how bad it’s getting out there.   

The Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security published a report earlier this month titled “ICE Faces Challenges to Screen Aliens Who May Be Known or Suspected Terrorists.”

“Some local law enforcement agencies will not honor ICE immigration detainer requests, which further impacts (Enforcement and Removal Operations)’s ability to take criminal aliens into its custody and apply (the Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol) to identify possible terrorist connections,” the report said, according to the Media Research Center.

According to the report, ICE “may have missed opportunities to identify, apprehend, and adjudicate the status of aliens posing the highest risk to public safety and national security” because of the jurisdictions’ failure to cooperate.

Let’s allow that to sink in for a moment. High-risk individuals are being lost in the shuffle solely due to the fact that Leftist leaders want to advance their worldview at all costs.

On what planet does that make a lick of sense?

Thankfully, the DHS isn’t about to let a little obstructionism get in the way of taking care of the task at hand.

The Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General made four recommendations as a result of the report.

First, KSTEP should be expanded to require “periodic screening of aliens under supervision.” Currently, the program does not require continued screening of the 2.4 million illegal immigrants in ICE custody.

Next, ICE needs to make sure that ERO offices have all necessary communication facilities.

Third, ICE should assess its resources to figure out how many officers are needed.

And finally, ICE should “strengthen its quality control program by defining clear oversight responsibilities.

“Mitigating and reducing any vulnerability is vital to our nation’s security,” Acting Inspector General John Kelly said.

“We are pleased with ICE’s response to heed our findings by initiating the process to implement all recommendations.”

Sadly, liberal leaders will continue to spin the actions of DHS and ICE as if they are nothing but harmful to our nation as a whole.

Those that reside in the liberal echo chamber will fall for the spin hook, line, and sinker.

Back on Earth, the rest of us can rest assured that we finally have the leadership in place that prioritizes the safety of the American people over the concept of safe spaces and hugs for all.

Source: Western Journal

Steve Edwards
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