Trey Gowdy Reveals Criminal Link Between Hillary Clinton and the Dossier
By Steve Edwards|February 7, 2018
Trey Gowdy Reveals Criminal Link Between Hillary Clinton and the Dossier

Trey Gowdy, we’re going to miss you.

The GOP lawmaker has announced that he won’t be seeking re-election once his term is up, and that’s a pretty big hit for a Republican party that can use a man of his skill to fight the good fight on Capitol Hill.

Thankfully, Gowdy isn’t about to go away quietly into the night. He remains a key player in the House, and he’s been going out of his way to get to the bottom of a whole bunch of nonsense before he exits stage right.

Fox News shares another example of that.  

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., strongly implied to Fox News Tuesday night that Clinton family confidant Sidney Blumenthal was a key link in a chain of information that helped create the controversial Trump-Russia dossier.

Gowdy told Fox News’ “The Story” that “when you hear who … one of the sources of that information is, you’re going to think, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve heard that name somewhere before.'”

When host Martha MacCallum asked if he was referring to Blumenthal, Gowdy answered, “That’d be really warm. You’re warm, yeah.”

The Trump-Russia dossier has already been completely discredited, so it remains nothing short of mind-blowing that it was used as the fuel for anything resembling an investigation.

However, they are finally connecting the dots.

Gowdy has been a big part of that, and it sounds like he has even more he wants to accomplish before his time in the House is up.  

Gowdy told MacCallum that “there is a State Department component” to the dossier that “needs to be investigated.”

“I’m pretty troubled by what I read in the documents with respect to the role the State Department played in the fall of 2016 with including information that was used in a [FISA] court proceeding,” Gowdy said. “I am troubled by that.”

Gowdy is not alone on that. The more the onion gets peeled back on what the powers that be behind the scenes were up to, the more the air gets filled with a rancid smell.

As for why Gowdy is moving on, there’s not a drop of drama to be found.

Gowdy also addressed his decision to leave Congress, saying it was “just the right time.”

“I won’t ever run for office again,” he promised. “When you leave politics, to me, it’s important that you leave. And I’m at peace with that.”

We certainly respect his decision and wish him well as he re-enters the private sector, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he helps to expose even more of the lunacy that led us to this nonsense Special Counsel investigation in the first place before he moves on.

Source: Fox News

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