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Trump Plans To End Obama’s Legacy – Donald Is Likely Refiling DACA Papers This Week

What’s Happening: Recently, the mainstream media made a big deal over a Supreme Court ruling that rejected Trump’s rescinding of Obama’s DACA policy. But what…

July 7, 2020
Facebook Rejects Ad For Trump Boat Parade – Then Thousands Show Up To The Lake To Support

What’s Happening: Trump supporters in the state of North Carolina planned a boat parade to show support for the president on July 4th. They made…

July 6, 2020
Former White House Physician Delivers Bad News For Biden – “I think he’s got some cognitive issues”

What’s Happening: Since the early days of the Democratic presidential primary, critics have commented on Joe Biden’s apparent mental decline. In more recent weeks, the…

July 6, 2020
Days Before July 4th Weekend, New Poll Shows A Large Majority Of Americans Stand By Mount Rushmore

What’s Happening: In the months leading up to the Fourth of July, America has seen a growing number of riots and protests from far-left activists…

July 3, 2020
Supreme Court Hands Nadler A Major Defeat – Blocks House Democrats From Mueller Grand Jury Docs Before Election

What’s Happening: It appears some House Democrats refuse to give up their hopes of impeaching the president. They have demanded that material from Robert Mueller’s…

July 3, 2020
GOP Senators Surrender To Democrats – They Are Pushing To Replace Columbus Day With Juneteenth

The Trump administration has sworn to protect this country’s monuments, statues, and memorials, but it may not be able to protect a traditional American holiday….

July 2, 2020
Trump Calls For Round 2 Of Stimulus Checks – Unlike The Democrats, He Wants Them To Be Larger Than $1,200

What’s Happening: When numerous states shut down their economies, President Trump supported several rounds of relief checks sent out to Americans. The goal was to…

July 2, 2020
After Advertisers Boycott Tucker Carlson’s Show – The Host Breaks Record, Posts Top Cable News Numbers Ever

What’s Happening: Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson sent waves through the media when he criticized Black Lives Matter. In response, left-wing organization Media Matters compelled…

July 1, 2020
After Trump Accused Of Ignoring Russian Bounties – The Pentagon Claims There Is ‘No Corroborating Evidence’

What’s Happening: A recent New York Times article claimed President Trump was briefed about alleged bounties placed by Russian agents on U.S. forces in the…

July 1, 2020
After Mary Trump Plans Presidential Book Smear – New York Judge Blocks Her Temporarily

What’s Happening: It appears that a family member of the president was poised to release a “tell-all” book about the family. Mary Trump, a niece…

June 30, 2020
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