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President Trump Catches Democrats Off Guard, Says 2020 Mail-In Election May Need To Be Delayed

What’s Happening: President Trump has been a vocal critic of mail-in voting. In recent months, we’ve seen signs that the system is fraught with problems….

July 30, 2020
Joe Biden Suffers Confused Moment On Video – His 2020 Campaign Wheels Could Be Coming Off

What’s Happening: In recent months, we’ve seen more and more signs that Biden might be suffering mental decline, and now we’re seeing one of the…

July 30, 2020
Police Throw A Wrench Into Democrat Convention – Over 100 Police Agencies Just Refused To Protect It

The much-anticipated Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee is only a few weeks away — but it already faces its first big hurdle. Many are still…

July 29, 2020
Hours After Biden Sets Date For VP Pick, Politico And His Own Notes Show It Will Probably Be Harris

What’s Happening: Joe Biden’s campaign said he will announce his running mate very soon. They claim it will come sometime in the first week of…

July 29, 2020
Sanders Delegates Could Be Turning On Biden – Over 400 Sign Petition Against Dem Platform Without Medicare For All

What’s Happening: The Democratic Party is putting all their hopes on Joe Biden—but one wing might spoil everything. Joe Biden has been trying to win…

July 28, 2020
Days After Trump Lowers Prices For Seniors, He Accuses Big Pharma Of Lying About His Executive Order

What’s Happening: President Trump recently signed four executive orders aimed at reducing prescription drug prices. Among the drugs he is eyeing to make more affordable…

July 28, 2020
After Hundreds Of Protesters Descend On Portland, Authorities Arrest And Charge 22 With Federal Crimes

More unrest hit the city of Portland, Oregon, but it didn’t go unanswered. According to court documents, “nightly criminal activity” has been on the rise…

July 28, 2020
NFL Legend Ditka Stands Up To Anthem Kneelers, Sets Them Straight: “Get The Hell Out Of The Country”

What’s Happening: Many Americans—especially those who run corporations and sports leagues—have been unwilling to stand up to “cancel culture.” But one NFL legend is fighting…

July 27, 2020
DC Mayor Slams The Brakes On 27 States – Capitol Visitors Will Be Forced To Self-Quarantine For 2 Weeks

If you wish to travel to certain states these days, you may have to self-quarantine for a while. Citizens coming from states deemed “high-risk areas”…

July 27, 2020
Hours After Chicago Mayor Lets The Feds In – Protesters Turn On Her, March On Lightfoot’s House

What’s Happening: Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago at one time defied President Trump’s involvement in the city’s rising crime. But as things only get worse, she…

July 24, 2020
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