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Former D.C. Boss Blows the Lid Off FBI’s Trump Evidence: “They Didn’t Find What They Were Looking For”

It has dominated headlines for weeks now: the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. It kicked off a firestorm of controversy and…

September 2, 2022
Texas Ships Migrants to a New Sanctuary City – Governor Abbott Tells Mayor She Should “Welcome” Them in Chicago

Texas has been making headlines for shipping busloads of migrants to New York City and Washington D.C. The Lone Star State wants to send a…

September 1, 2022
GOP Reminds America of Biden’s Worst Gaffe – One Year Later, They Roll Out Joe’s Infamous “Watch Check”

It’s still one of the biggest blunders of the Joe Biden administration according to critics: the well-documented Afghanistan debacle. Critics accuse Biden of a botched…

August 30, 2022
Federal Judge Says New Rule is “Unconstitutional” – Blocks “Room Scanning” Before University Tests

During the pandemic, schools around the country entered unprecedented territory. With draconian mandates and lockdowns, students stayed home the majority of the time and teaching…

August 29, 2022
Report: Biden Admin Gave Refugee Status to Former Taliban Employees and Then Let Them into the U.S.

The border crisis is a primary topic of concern for many citizens, because it doesn’t seem like America has control over who comes into the…

August 19, 2022
Judge Greenlights Lawsuit Against Biden Administration – Joe Gets Serious Backlash for the Ongoing Border Crisis

The ongoing border crisis just keeps grabbing headlines, as southern states and many citizens push back against the Biden administration’s lax approach. Immediately after taking…

August 18, 2022
FBI Sent Spinning by Heavy Accusations – Jim Jordan Says 14 Whistleblowers Have Come Forward

As the FBI raid on Donald Trump continues to dominate headlines, there’s a great deal going on behind the scenes. And according to one leading…

August 16, 2022
“Mount Rushmore” Needs to Go, Say Liberals – ESPN Host Demands Its Removal from Sports Terminology

Cancel culture continues to make headlines, as left-wing politicians, pundits, celebrities, and personalities push to erase certain things from the country. This includes everything from…

August 8, 2022
Whistleblower Accuses Biden on National Security Mistake: His Agencies Resettled 400 Afghans That Are “Potential Threats” to America

It was one of the first major scandals of the Biden administration: the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and America’s reaction to the situation….

August 5, 2022
After Virginia School Suspends Her 3 Sons For Health “Violation” – Their Mom Fights Back to Clear Their Record

During the pandemic, many Americans fought back against certain draconian guidelines and rules. They claimed such edicts directly infringed on their freedoms, and lawsuits started…

August 4, 2022
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