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Texas Just Gave Biden A Direct Border Order – Gov. Abbott Tells Joe To Return All Land The Feds Took To Build The Wall

As the border situation worsens, some southern states have decided to take matters into their own hands. For example, Texas has announced they plan to…

June 17, 2021
Texas Governor Gives Power Back To Trump Supporters – Abbott Just Set Up Public Border Wall Donation Project

When Joe Biden stopped construction of the southern border wall, many state officials and Republican leaders expressed frustration and concern. They said former President Trump’s…

June 16, 2021
President Biden Just Set A 21-Year Border Record – DHS Reports Arrests Have Significantly Increased, Up 674%

Ever since Joe Biden took office, the southern border was a concern. The numbers started to rise almost immediately, and border officials began to sound…

June 10, 2021
George Soros Closet Swings Wide Open – He Gave Millions To Liberals But Paid No Federal Income Tax In Those Years

Democrats always talk about taxing the rich. President Joe Biden’s future plans include increasing taxes on the ultra-wealthy, and many leftist leaders keep going after…

June 9, 2021
Texas Just Protected A Major Constitutional Rights – Governor Abbott Is Just A Step Away From Signing Constitutional Carry

There’s a reason why Texas is seen as a haven for Conservatives and Republicans. They often have laws that support the Constitution. This includes the…

May 25, 2021
Fauci’s Job Could Be In Jeopardy – Republicans Submit “FIRED” Act To Remove Him From Power

Republicans have had problems with Dr. Anthony Fauci for well over a year. Since the start of the pandemic, GOP leaders have often questioned the…

May 12, 2021
Blue State Swamped By A Mass Exodus – They Just Lost 15% Of Their Entire Police Force In New York

As criticism of law enforcement mounts, police face new problems. Maybe the biggest problem they’ve encountered recently is the fresh surge of officers who are…

April 26, 2021
Biden Moves To Limit Critical Constitutional Right – Leaked Document Shows He’s Going After “Ghost Guns,” Redefine “Firearm”

When Joe Biden took office, many citizens worried that he might go after their constitutional rights. Specifically, many were concerned that he’d attempt to gimp…

April 21, 2021
DeSantis Signs Bill To Protect Florida’s Lifeblood – He Won’t Allow Any More “Frivolous” Business Lawsuits

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been one of the most controversial state leaders in the past year. Specifically, he didn’t adopt the stricter, more draconian…

March 31, 2021
Past White House Doc Waves Biden “Red Flag” – He Claims “Something’s Not Right” As Joe Dodges Public Events

Ever since Joe Biden started campaigning for President, Republicans have repeatedly questioned Biden’s mental and physical capability. His errors during speeches only fueled the fire….

March 22, 2021
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