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Texas Sues Biden For Ignoring Supreme Court Ruling – AG Paxton Orders Joe To Reinstate Trump’s Remain Policy

As the border situation continues to spiral out of control, Republicans in Washington continue to push for the policies and guidelines that are closer to…

September 24, 2021
After 14,000 Haitians Rush The Border – Agents Are Forced To Leave 224 Miles Of Texas Border “Completely Unguarded”

When thousands of Haitian migrants stormed the U.S. border, the crisis intensified overnight. Prior to this latest surge, many officials had already said the border…

September 23, 2021
White House Reporters Just Turned On Biden – They File A Formal Complaint For Refusing To Answer Questions

For the most part, Republicans and right-wing citizens believe the media treats President Joe Biden very well. Too well, in fact. They claim reporters treat…

September 22, 2021
Democrat Leader Charged With More Felonies – Rep. Jones Tried To Escape Jail By Hiding A Handcuff Key In His Cell

Michigan Democrat Rep. Jewell Jones can’t seem to stop getting in trouble. He was already facing a felony charge for alleged drunken driving back in…

September 16, 2021
After Biden Flies Thousands Of Afghans Into America – Report Claims Thousands Just Got Off In Virginia “With No Documentation”

When the Afghanistan situation boiled over, Americans stuck in the Taliban-controlled country were in extreme danger. And obviously, our military members would be risking their…

August 30, 2021
Democrat Leaders Caught In FBI Sting Operation – The Feds Just Raided Their Detroit Homes In Probe

Political corruption is nothing new, but it does seem to be rising in recent years. And we’re seeing more law enforcement involvement, including numerous probes…

August 26, 2021
Voting Machine Investigation Launches In Colorado – FBI Joins Probe Into Elections Equipment Password Breach

The debate surrounding election integrity continues to rage throughout the country. It will undoubtedly be a major point of contention when the 2022 midterm elections…

August 18, 2021
Days After Governor Cuomo Resigns – NY Taxpayers Find Out They’re On The Hook For His $50K/Year Pension

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reign has come to an end. After the scandal broke wide open in the past week, the embattled New York…

August 12, 2021
Democrat Senator Arrested On Major Charges – Multiple Counts Of Misconduct With A Minor Fall On Arizona’s Navarrete

When politicians face serious charges, it’s bound to make headlines. And when those charges are especially egregious, that person’s reputation takes a serious and immediate…

August 6, 2021
Texas Democrat Leader Issued Arrest Warrant – GOP Speaker Orders Police To Take Rep. Cortez Into Custody

Recently, Texas Democrats fled the state to avoid a quorum in the House, to stop the state GOP from passing a series of voting bills….

July 27, 2021
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