Report: Trump And 150 Republicans Back DACA Bill, With 3 Big Conditions
By Scarlett Parker|January 25, 2018
Report: Trump And 150 Republicans Back DACA Bill, With 3 Big Conditions

The Republican Study Committee, or RSC, is a conservative caucus that is made up of 150 influential Republicans. And those 150 Republicans just came out in support of a new DACA bill for ‘dreamers.’

The bill is called The Securing America’s Future Act, and it includes a deal for ‘dreamers’ in exchange for various hardline immigration reforms. It reportedly has the full support of President Trump behind it, and the RSC is pushing House Speaker Paul Ryan to hold a vote on it.

So why do all these Republicans and our president support a bill that would give amnesty to a massive amount of illegal immigrants?

Well, there are three big reasons why: border wall funding, limits on chain migration, and the end to the diversity visa lottery. Yep, all three are concessions that the president has demanded in exchange for a DACA deal, and they’re included in this bill.

But that’s not all it includes.

The new bill also contains…mandatory worker verification, cracking down on sanctuary cities, changing asylum thresholds and cutting legal immigration to the US by 25{75726800c12fe2ebed14402fd98444a61f7eda42751f92330bc58faf20bd8821}, according to bill authors.

Of course, even Rep. Mark Walker, the leader of RSC, admits that it still needs some work and more support if it’s going to pass. But, it’s a great place to start the conversation.

…North Carolina Rep. Mark Walker, acknowledged the bill may need some work to get to the majority of 218 votes, but said it’s where leadership should begin.

“Are we at 218, I’m not pretending that we are, but I believe this is the direction we should be headed,” Walker said.

“I think ultimately (a vote) is our ask. The only other things that we have seen out there are pieces of legislation that, though well intended, may garner 20 or 25 Republican votes here or there. That’s why we believe this is the framework to get things moving.”

A bill that can actually start a bipartisan conversation? A bill that actually secures our borders, and reforms immigration? A bill that has more support than any other previous proposal?

Amen to that. Let the voting begin.

Source: CNN

Scarlett Parker
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